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Victor M Duenas


Victor M Duenas, a prominent Cuban activist and journalist, has established his residence in the Netherlands, where he continues his tireless work in defense of human rights and freedom of expression. His commitment to social and political causes in Cuba has transcended borders, making him a recognized figure both inside and outside the Caribbean island. As an activist, Victor M Duenas has dedicated his life to advocating for change and justice in Cuba. His courageous work includes exposing human rights violations, promoting democracy, and supporting dissident voices in his home country. Through his activism, he seeks to raise awareness about the realities that Cubans face and advocate for a more just and free future for his nation.

Quelwys Bolano

Advisor for Latin American Affairs.

Quelwys Bolano is a prominent Venezuelan activist who has found her home in the Netherlands, where she continues her tireless fight for democracy, human rights and justice in her home country. Her courageous commitment to the Venezuelan cause has made her an influential voice in the diaspora, advocating for change and freedom in her home nation. Since her arrival in the Netherlands, Quelwys Bolano has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the situation in Venezuela and promote international measures to address the political, economic and humanitarian crises affecting her country. Through her activism, she has organized events, conferences and awareness campaigns to keep the fight for democracy and human rights in Venezuela alive.

Yainet Navarro

Advisor for European Affairs

Yainet Navarro, a committed psychologist and Cuban activist, has brought her passion for service and defense of human rights to the Netherlands, where she has dedicated her career to working with migrants and refugees. Her deep commitment to social justice and her expertise in psychology have made her a leading figure in caring for and supporting displaced communities. As a psychologist, Yainet Navarro understands the importance of addressing the emotional and mental needs of people who have faced traumatic and challenging situations. Her compassionate and individual-centered approach has allowed many migrants and refugees to find a safe space to process their experiences and rebuild their lives in a new environment.

Yulier Suarez Guerrero

Director of Communications

Yulier Suárez Guerrero is a Cuban digital artist known for his work in the field of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). He is recognized for his ability to merge art with technology, creating immersive and provocative experiences. His work often addresses social and political themes, reflecting on life in Cuba and contemporary dynamics. Additionally, he has participated in numerous exhibitions both inside and outside Cuba, gaining international recognition for his innovative artistic approach.

Luis Cortez

General secretary.

Luis Cortez is a prominent Venezuelan activist and former public administrator who has found refuge in the Netherlands, where he continues his commitment to the defense of human rights and democracy in his country of origin. His career as a public administrator gives him a unique perspective on the political and social challenges facing Venezuela, and his decision to dedicate himself to activism reflects his deep commitment to justice and freedom. As a former public administrator, Luis Cortez has witnessed firsthand the corruption and lack of transparency that have plagued the Venezuelan government in recent decades. His experience has led him to advocate for institutional reforms and accountability as fundamental pillars for the reconstruction of democracy in his country.

Yunier Suarez Rodriguez

Policy Director

Yunier Suárez is a prominent Cuban activist and one of the main promoters of the Cuba Decide movement, an initiative that advocates for democratic and peaceful change in Cuba through the holding of a binding plebiscite. His commitment to freedom, justice and human rights has inspired many inside and outside the Caribbean island. As an activist, Yunier Suárez has dedicated his life to the defense of fundamental freedoms and the promotion of democracy in Cuba. He has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the political and social situation in his country, organizing peaceful protests, awareness campaigns and events to drive change and citizen participation.


Situation of Human Rights in Latin America.

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"The Foundation NewGeneration sets an exemplary standard in activism, tirelessly advocating for positive change in Latin America. Their dedication to supporting marginalized communities and fighting against injustice serves as a beacon of hope for those in need. Thank you for your impactful work!"


"The Foundation NewGeneration's activism is truly inspiring! Their unwavering commitment to promoting human rights, democracy, and social justice in Latin America is making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals. Keep up the amazing work!"


"The Foundation NewGeneration's activism is a powerful force for positive change in Latin America. Their unwavering dedication to uplifting communities, advocating for human rights, and challenging oppressive regimes is commendable. Here's to their continued success in making the world a better place for all."


"The Foundation NewGeneration's activism embodies the spirit of empowerment and resilience. Their tireless efforts in promoting equality, justice, and democracy in Latin America inspire us all to stand up and make a difference. Proud to support such a vital organization!"

Onasis Torres

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