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Assisted migrants.

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Integration process in the Netherlands
Social education

What do we believe in?


Moral conscience (Respect others as yourself) Knowledge. Imagination. Will.

Free Economy

Economic system based on the free play of market forces.

Individual Responsibility.

Know the impact of our actions on others. It moves us forward as people.

A free market or free market is one in which the prices of goods and services are determined by the interaction of suppliers and demanders without the intervention of the government or any other external agent.
Free Market.
Individual Social Responsibility is one that we carry out from what we learn in the family environment, the value of things and the repercussions that the actions of each individual have on society.
Individual Responsibility
Freedom is the faculty or capacity of the human being to act according to their values, criteria, reason and will, with no limitations other than respect for the freedom of others. ... Freedom is a concept built by society to achieve a full and constructive coexistence.

Space for the understanding and development of Latin America.

For Volunteers

Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education we promote the development of the people we are addressing and create new opportunities.


Our work revolves around the objective of change for the transformation of Latin America into a democratic, modern and green region, as well as ensuring respect for Human Rights.


Be an organization committed to integrity and professionalism so that the impact of our actionz pomotes the free development, well-being and dignity of all the communities with which we work.


We promote democratic and participatory principles as necessary means for social transformation and as an inherent end of development.

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About Us

Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education we promote
the development of the people we are addressing and create new opportunities.
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Active projects

Transatlantic implementation projects.

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Active volunteers

Active volunteers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our volunteers

They are the people who make our work possible.

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1. Where your donations go?

Our donations have 2 main variants. One is free (one time only) and the second is monthly. In both cases, the funds go to the bank account of our Foundation and the financial team uses it for the projects we are implementing, including support for refugees.

2. How does the program work?

The programs work through teams of volunteers or allies, depending on the case.

3. Can my donation be anonymous?

Of course! You determine how you want to donate.

All our activities. Raising your voice for ours.

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SOS Political Prisoners

Currently, some Latin American nations keep hundreds of political opponents and dissidents in prison. Our Foundation has identified the following figures, using the official figures of other NGOs.

Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

0 Cuba

Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

0 Venezuela

Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

0 Nicaragua

Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Our team

They are the ones who run our Foundation.

Black Book of Migrants

Stories, testimonies and hope of Latin American refugees in the Netherlands.

Stories of
Latin American Refugees in Europe.
Their dreams and goals.

Right now we have 2 story sections.
One destined for Venezuela
and another for Cuba.
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Our solidarity with the Cuban people

Public statement August 2, 2021 On Sunday, July 11, Cuba experienced an unprecedented social outbreak in 60 years of Castroism. […]

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Europa debe ponerse del lado del pueblo cubano y no de la dictadura.

Promotores de Cuba Decide y voluntarios de nuestra Fundación, entregaron en la tarde de hoy las propuestas recogidas por la […]

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Our Foundation makes an alert call for life Luis Manuel Otero Alacantara.

Since Friday, when he received a visit from his uncle, Enix Berrío, no person outside the regime’s military operation has […]

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Firma el acuerdo ahora / Sign the agreement now.

ES Si usted vive en Holanda y esta interesado en apoyar esta iniciativa de Pasos De Cambio, por favor firme […]

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Cubans express solidarity with the UNPACU from Amsterdam.

About thirty Latin Americans, mostly Cubans, gathered in Dam Square in the city of Amsterdam, the cultural capital of the […]

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Information and debate magazine in Spanish for the Latino community.
A young, attractive and well designed magazine for you.

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