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  • What is individual freedom?
  • Why do we defend Individual Liberty?

Individual freedom is the constitutive value of each person, the foundation of their duties and rights, according to which each person can decide autonomously on the essential issues of his life. It is then, the freedom of each person to act according to their will or convictions, and whose limit is found in respect for the freedom and rights of other people, and what is established in the laws. It is considered that there is individual freedom when people can act without coercion and oppression by other subjects. Therefore, it is said that an individual is free or acts free when he is not in a prisoner condition, subject to the orders of others or under duress. In political law, its highest expression in the modern age has been individual rights or first generation rights within the framework of the principle of legality, originally proposed by classical liberalism.

We oppose social and forced collectivization. We believe in the individual and that under no circumstances can people be deprived of their liberty, of course, this is regulated by law. We believe that those individuals who break the law are brought to justice. The basis of any society or community is the individual and he has rights that are conceived at birth.

Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that the heavens gave men; The treasures that the land and the sea hold cannot be equaled with it: for freedom, as well as for honor, one can and must venture life.

  • Miguel de Cervantes¬†(1547-1616)¬†
Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education can we promote the development of the people we are targeting and generate new opportunities. Our work revolves around the objective of change for the transformation of Latin America into a democratic, modern and green region, as well as ensuring respect for Human Rights.