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  • What is the rule of law?
  • Why do we believe in the rule of law?

This doctrinal expression designates the legal regime in which the rulers and their agents are subject, for their particular decisions, to the observance of the rules of law established by laws and regulations. The rule of law implies the recognition of the principle of legality. In the strictest sense, a legal regime that subjects State agents, as well as simple individuals, to the rule of common law, applied by the common law judge.

We believe in order, in the Republic and in fair laws that help build our societies. We believe that citizens have a duty to respect good coexistence with other people.

“All those who have natural judgment judge that the laws are good because they have conduct as their purpose and comparatively those that give more occasion for a better conduct are better, because of the laws all of them have been given by us, others devised by men. , above all for the convenience of human life.”

Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education can we promote the development of the people we are targeting and generate new opportunities. Our work revolves around the objective of change for the transformation of Latin America into a democratic, modern and green region, as well as ensuring respect for Human Rights.