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Letter sent by our Foundation to the Embassy of Venezuela.

Venezuela, because we all know the terrors that it has been experiencing, its history, its nuances, its contrasts and wonders, and how the entire country is painted with injustices that are lost in the files full of shadows and judicial processes of lies, among corruption and the indifference and the united, live and latent terror of trials, where brutal violence and persecution are the norm, where only silence abounds. They are not simple deaths, disappearances or torture but unpunished crimes.

Even so, Venezuelans try to survive, they work and as brave in the face of fear and fear they take a step day by day in their dreams and their goals. There, the sun rises there and we work from 4:30 a.m., we Venezuelans have an infinite will, we know how to get up in the face of pain, although it is not an absence of empathy for the pain of others, sometimes there is nothing left but to look and judge with skill the beauty within the mud under the hell that is just around the corner, many of us are far from our country and wewe fell asleep sometimes, but the only way to counter the regime is to be focused on the objective.

Freedom is the only language where we all say the same thing even though synonyms different, but while fighting for the freedom of Venezuela we all have a position to defend. We have decided to stand firm. Although the fight increases and seems hard, giving up is not an option or possibility, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. We will not give up our conviction, we will continue until we move forward. The world has to realize that Venezuela is under a violent policy. The regime that you represent is responsible for having exiled Venezuelans and my country in the rubble.

We want a free country, we will not let ourselves be anesthetized, we will continue fighting for our country, demanding rights and justice, we are far from our country but we do not feel far away because we will do everything except stop, we will show what you do, we will teach what you They steal, we will always denounce them, I don’t care how far we are, the simple fact that Venezuela is experiencing collateral damage today because of you is the same reason why we will never give up.


You have remained in power through false electoral victories, you are a failure, as long as there is no democracy in the equation and as long as you remain in power. As long as you don’t get out of the equation, you will continue to be illegitimate and I will not recognize you as a government.

Those of us who have decided not to surrender to the aggressive power of the Venezuelan regime, who are here today will continue to do everything possible to demonstrate what is happening there, we will speak for what they cannot speak for, for what they are afraid of and for what they were silenced. , tortured and killed,




Today June 12, 2023, here we are and we will remain firm, carefully,

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