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The NewGeneration Foundation with legal headquarters in the Netherlands established the Francisco de Miranda Award in 2021 as a symbolic way of honoring individuals and institutions that fight in the world for freedom, democracy and the rule of law for peoples from Latin America.

In the first edition, it was awarded to the Dutch lawyer Stefan Koleem for the legal support given to Cuban and Venezuelan migrants who arrived in the Netherlands after having escaped from the communist dictatorships in those countries.

This year 2022, the Board of Directors, which is the Jury for decision-making on these issues, unanimously decided to award this award to Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch. The decision was made due to the courage of this politician to be a voice in Europe against communism and in favor of the freedom of the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela; In addition, it is also an award for the parliamentary group that he represents, which has assumed as its own the struggle of these peoples for democracy.


Victor M Duenas

Cuban journalist residing in the Netherlands,

Founder and President of the NewGeneration Foundation


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