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Space for the understanding and development of Latin America.

Latin America has been one of the most troubled regions on the planet. It has been hit by drug trafficking, insecurity and corruption.
Today, European society and the governments of these countries do not have a clear perception of the reality of nations such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
However, it is necessary to understand the current situation in Latin America and the new social conflicts that threaten the virtual stability of the region. It is also essential to be able to support, from the European experience, a new concept of democracy and human development.

A new generation of prepared and educated young people.

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Understand and defend human rights.

Individual freedom

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We need your support to strengthen free and independent journalism. We are the largest Spanish language medium in the Netherlands. Spanish speakers in the Netherlands deserve to be informed.

Latin American refugees are at a disadvantage compared to other migrants. That is why your help is very important.

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Your green neighborhood.

The human being has not been the best administrator of our natural resources and in our Latin American continent there are many irregularities. First of all, the equitable distribution of land has always been a problem: few have much and many have very little. This is the biggest socioeconomic problem in the Latin American region: social inequality. With inequality comes poverty, lack of education in sectors of the population and lack of planning for the use of natural resources.
  • Neighborhood cleaning.
  • Creation of collectors for raw materials with easy resources.
  • Avoid wasting water.
  • Promote a culture of savings through education.
  • Use of biodegradable materials.
  • Testing & Support
That is why our Foundation presents the project "Your Green Neighborhood". We understand that the environmental challenges facing Latin America are many and very difficult, but we understand that the change starts from the community, in the neighborhood.
The aim of this project is to create the conditions in the neighborhoods to create social awareness and participation of the neighbors in the creation of green spaces.

Your green neighborhood.

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