Our Foundation makes an alert call for life Luis Manuel Otero Alacantara.

Since Friday, when he received a visit from his uncle, Enix Berrío, no person outside the regime’s military operation has seen the artist alive. Berrío later declared that the artist was quite affected by the fast, and that he could barely stand.

This is the third assault by the regime on Otero Alcántara’s house since November 2020. On the 27th of that month, a spectacular military deployment forcibly removed a dozen activists from the house, including Otero Alcántara, several of them on strike. starving.

The next one occurred on April 16, when they broke into the site by force, stole the paintings displayed on the walls, and detained the artist and another person present there.


After these events, Otero Alcántara went on a hunger and thirst strike under heavy police surveillance, which prevented access to most of the people who tried to visit him. He was alone for more than a week, while the national and international clamor was growing because his demands are heard: the lifting of the police fence in which he has remained since November 2020; the return of the works of art that were stolen by the political police on April 16, and compensation for the damages they suffered; respect for the full exercise of artistic freedoms by all Cuban artists; and the withdrawal of the surveillance camera in front of the door of his house.

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