Latin American exiles pay homage to the martyrs of democracy.

This afternoon, more than twenty activists paid tribute in the Dutch city of Veenendaal to the martyrs of Latin American democracy. Representatives from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua recalled the life and work of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero on the eighth anniversary of the assassination by the Havana authorities.

Organized by the CubaDecide Support Committee, VenteHolanda and the NewGeneration Platform young people of different nationalities held a symbolic ceremony, adapted to the new rules due to the coronavirus, to remember the thousands of men and women who have lost their lives as a result of the regimes dictatorial in the region.

Around 3 in the afternoon, the tribute began with the words of the Colombian Pastor Antonio Herrera of the Iglesia Pentecostal Puerta Abierta quoting some passages from the Bible and offered a prayer for the Latin American nations. Then Alberto Martines, a Nicaraguan refugee activist in the Netherlands, demanded justice for the hundreds of young people who have died in his country by the Ortega and Murillo regime.

Venezuelan representatives recalled the protesters who have perished in the protests against the Maduro dictatorship, as well as the millions of Venezuelans who have left their country, many of whom have lost their lives and others have been victims of xenophobia.

The speakers, on behalf of Cuba, recalled the legacy of Oswaldo and Harold and the path they traced for the conquest of freedom.

Eight years ago, on July 22, 2012, in eastern Cuba, the dissidents Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, leader of the Varela Project and founder of the Christian Liberation Movement, and Harold Cepero, at that time the most prominent young figure of this opposition group, died. peaceful to the communist regime that prevails on the island.

Although the Cuban State continues to allege that the deaths of Payá and Cepero were the result of a “car accident,” human rights activists from inside and outside the island, relatives of the victims, and experts from international entities such as the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) They have denounced that “the authorities of the Cuban regime, through numerous violations of the basic norms of due process that are oriented towards the search for the truth about controversial facts, have deliberately prevented this clarification”.

Hence, since 2013, especially every July 22, Payá and Cepero are remembered as victims of communism. This Wednesday, in cities of Europe, Latin America and the United States, they will once again pay tribute. Cuban resistance organizations will also do so in various provinces of the island.

As part of this tribute series, a group of Cuban exiles and human rights activists will gather at the Monument to the Victims of Communism, in Washington DC.

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