European Parliament overwhelmingly condemns systematic human rights abuses in Cuba

The European Parliament condemned this Thursday by a large majority the “systematic abuses” of human rights in Cuba. As expected, the resolution was approved by 393 votes in favor (conservatives and liberals), 150 against (socialists and communists) and 119 abstentions.

In a complex vote by section, and then general, the Socialists supported the points calling for the release of political prisoners or condemning torture. However, they opposed everything that questioned the Political Dialogue Agreement between Brussels and Havana and the possible imposition of individual sanctions on the repressors.

“The European Union supports one hundred percent the right of Cuban citizens to express their views, peacefully, and to demand change,” said the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, in the Strasbourg plenary session.

For the community minister, the protests “are a reflection of the legitimate anxieties of the Cubans” for the difficult economic situation, “but they also ask for freedom of expression, civil rights, political rights and democracy.”

The resolution presented by Renew Europe (RE), European People’s Party (PPE) and Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) condemns “systematic abuses against protesters, political dissidents, religious leaders, human rights activists and independent artists, among others.”

“Today we require that it be proposed, in the next Council of Foreign Ministers [of the EU], to activate clause 85, which could lead to the suspension of the Agreement and to finally propose sanctions for those responsible for human rights violations” , demanded in the debate the MEP Leopoldo López, from the Popular Party.

The Czech liberal Dita Charanzová, vice-president of the Parliament, recalled that last week “the Cuban Sakharov Prizes did what no one had done before: they proposed the withdrawal of their distinction, if the European Union continues without taking concrete measures in the face of human rights violations. humans in Cuba ”.

On the part of the promoters, the deputy Hermann Tertsch (ECR) recalled the serious situation of the political prisoner José Daniel Ferrer: “He is in a bricked-up cell, to which they pour water from the ceiling, so that he is always wet. They are slowly killing the sick and dying political prisoner who is José Daniel Ferrer ”.

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