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Letter sent by our Foundation to the Embassy of Venezuela.


Letter sent by our Foundation to the Embassy of Venezuela. Venezuela, because we all know the terrors that it has […]

Process of obtaining a Regular Passport in the Republic of Cuba- Departure from the Country-Entry


To address this aspect, it is necessary to start from what the Cuban Law establishes:  According to Law 1312 of […]

Abortions in Cuba: birth control, trafficking and experiments with fetuses


Camila Acosta  | July 7, 2022    Yeleiny García was 17 years old when she had a curettage; He says […]

Urgent call for the situation of political prisoners in the Republic of Cuba


Six months after the massive demonstrations of July 11, 2021 more than 800  Cubans have been arrested for participating in […]



Esta propuesta, denominada -ALTERNATIVA- busca brindar un mecanismo para la salida de la dictadura incluyendo varias ideas nacidas de la […]

Francisco de Miranda Award 2022


The NewGeneration Foundation with legal headquarters in the Netherlands established the Francisco de Miranda Award in 2021 as a symbolic […]

Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education can we promote the development of the people we are targeting and generate new opportunities. Our work revolves around the objective of change for the transformation of Latin America into a democratic, modern and green region, as well as ensuring respect for Human Rights.