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Foundation NewGeneration

A group of young people of various nationalities from Latin America, in which Cuba and Venezuela stand out, have decided to unite in the effort to build bridges of understanding between Latin America and Europe to demonstrate to Europeans the current situation of these countries, and also stop the pro-Castro groups that have emerged on the continent.

With this purpose, and aimed at European society, the New Generation initiative arises, with the aim of strengthening and creating bridges between organizations, media and Latin American groups and European institutions. A platform for dialogue and cooperation.

Latin America is changing, this fact is undeniable, since Latin Americans are also changing. The society called for the creation of a more plural society, with greater opportunities. New ideas and new worldviews are emerging in the region. Today the Latin American wants to build a new Latin America.

Who we are?

Our fundamental mission is Education, convinced that only through education can we promote the development of the people we are targeting and generate new opportunities.

What do we believe?

We have the right to share our ideas, we have the right to say what we think, we have the right to seriously and determinedly defend the future we want.

Where we work?

Our work revolves around the objective of change for the transformation of Latin America into a democratic, modern and green region, as well as ensuring respect for Human Rights.

Better health for everyone, everywhere

NewGeneration is founded as a platform that brings together all those interested who wish to participate in the beautiful and difficult adventure to help build a modern, prosperous and free region. The idea of NewGeneration responds to a social need of Latin Americans inside and outside the region, in the same way, it is part of a need to represent them in Europe.

Solidarity: We build a development approach based on Human Rights, oriented to its fulfillment

Commitment: We act committed to fulfilling our mission and vision and with integrity, as a fundamental principle of our actions.

Participation: We promote democratic and participatory principles as necessary means for social transformation and as an inherent goal of development.

Board of Directors


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Counselor for Latin American Affairs.