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Today, 72 years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  Cubans cannot yet celebrate.

Today we raise our voices for the millions of human beings who are currently being silenced  in  our country.

Today, we declare that Cuba is in crisis, families face a deep humanitarian crisis, constant political repression  and  police violence.  


Today we denounce the shameful presence of the Cuban dictatorship in the United Nations  Human Rights Council despite constant violations of  the fundamental rights of Cuban and Venezuelan citizens.

Today, we call for coherence for the international community. Cubans are also human beings,  we deserve and we want to enjoy the same rights of every  citizen  in (the country in which it is read). 

From the platform Cuba Decide we call on you to join in solidarity with all the activists,  artists,   members of civil society and the opposition that were fenced in the headquarters of the San Isidro Movement and with all those face harassment today, with the hundreds of protesters in all public demonstrations and with all Cubans who demand our right to have rights.

We call to join in the action for a system change towards democracy in our country. We Cubans have the right to decide our future and to “participate in the direction our nation is taking.”

This is the time to act. 

We demand and end to the repression and the release of Deins  Solis,  Kelilly,  Aymara,  Emeregildo  Duvergel and all Cuban political prisoners.

We join the demand for political freedom by the 27N. 

We demand respect for all the rights and freedoms enshrined in the universal charter. Our challenge is of a a political nature because for 70 years that Cubans have not participated in free elections, “let no one speak for all Cubans anymore”, let us work so that every Cuban has a voice, at the polls, through a plebiscite: the dictatorship must submit to the sovereign will of the people and give way to change, because Cuba belongs to everyone. 


Freedom and life for Cuba