The Havana regime provoked in 2021 at least 9,705 repressive actions against the civilian population

As its decline deepens, the regime intensifies its repression. Thousands of repressive actions, hundreds of political prisoners and a worsening of the living conditions of Cubans have marked the reality of the island in 2021. Unfortunately, we do not observe elements that indicate that this situation will change in the new year.

The Cuban government behaves like a man who fights with his shadow and strikes in all directions, while the international community, especially Spain, European diplomacy and Latin America, look the other way.

The year closed in Cuba with at least 1,001 political prisoners. In December alone, the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights registered at least 498 repressive actions, of which 56 were some type of detention.

– Arbitrary detention 56
– Arrest with violence 3
– Aggression 4
– Home invasion 1
– Threat 27
– Summons 26
– Harassment 35
– Fine 4
– Besieged 169
– Judgment 176

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